Special Needs

"I have a 6yo DD with Asperger's and HUFI curriculum has been wonderful for us. We used a more traditional curriculum for K and I found HUFI near the end of last year. I started incorporating the methods right away using what we already had and we have been doing year 1 for about 4wks now (we school year round). Every lesson last year seemed to bring on a tantrum but the CM methods have been such a blessing for us. I do a reading and ask for narration, acting out, or a narrative drawing then I do a non-academic activity like singing, video Spanish, art, composer study, nature walk etc. We alternate all our academics with these fun activities and it has been amazing. Last year it took 5-6 hours to complete 3 hours worth of work due to her tantrums but now we move quickly and happily through our readings and even math . I keep the lessons to 15-20 minutes each and she knows that even if something is hard that relief is coming soon. I was concerned about her narration because it didn't start out very well but when she only narrated "I don't know" to every reading I asked her to draw a picture about it and then she narrated the picture. I also modeled narration for her and after about two weeks she was doing it pretty well. She was very frustrated by the difficult language at first but we define the new words before reading and she is now very comfortable. Now school is exciting and interesting for both of us." Sherry