Year 5 Term 1 Examinations

Choose two questions per day to write about. For the rest of the questions, you may give oral narrations using the computer and microphone. Refer to your daily schedule to know which books to narrate from each day this week. Pay attention to when you should summarize and when you should tell all that you know about a person or event. Turn in your answers each day with your exam questions. Have fun! Be neat and watch your capitalization, punctuation and spelling. You may use a dictionary for spelling.

Blood and Guts
Draw a picture of a tooth and label the parts you know OR draw a bone and label the parts.
Tell what you know about bones OR skin.

Fairyland of Science

Describe the travels of a drop of water.
Explain what makes the wind blow OR explain what the trade winds are.

History of Medicine
Tell about those who performed the first surgeries and about the father of modern surgery
OR tell what you know about the father of medicine.

Commodore Perry and the Land of the Shogun
When did Perry go to Japan and what did he succeed in doing, and then tell how he accomplished this task?

Make a map of Japan. Label any cities and landforms you know. Draw pictures in the margins depicting clothing and customs, religion, history, food etc. It should look like an atlas.

Hudson Taylor
Explain why you believe Hudson Taylor was successful in China. Be detailed.

Eric Liddel
What do you know about the Boxer Rebellion?

Book of Marvels
Name five wonders of America.

Tell what you know about Niagara Falls.

Turn in your Timeline notebook.

Shakespeare- Henry V
List the characters and summarize the events that you have read about so far in Henry V.

Age of Fable
Tell briefly three stories from this term.

You will be given a timed division test.

Describe Norman Rockwall's 'Freedom of Speech' or 'Saying Grace.'

What Opera did we study this term? Tell the story and name a musical selection you like.

Remembering God's Awesome Acts
Choose and draw and object with a light source as accurately as possible. Remember to shade.

Recite a lengthy poem from Kipling, a psalm and a lengthy scripture passage.

Tell a fairytale in Turkish.

English from the Roots Up
Name the roots you learned this term and their definitions. Also say the words that you learned that have these roots in them. State each definition if you did not know it previously.

Let's Play Piano
Play one song from your keyboard book twice through. It should sound just like the CD sample. I will grade your best performance.

Sing one of the folksongs you learned this term and one of the hymns you learned.

Write a poem in the style of Rudyard Kipling.