"We love CM Help and the Higher Up Further In curriculum!

We've been home educating for over 10 years, and in that time we have used several different approaches. We have seven children, so obviously whatever we use has to be doable in my real (very full) life. I had reached a point of deep frustration in our schooling about 2 years ago. Something wasn't right; the kids didn't enjoy school anymore and frankly neither did I (what is interesting is that we were using a popular curriculum that claims to be heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason's methods, but I now know that was false). Somehow I found CM Help, and it became the mentor I needed as I sought change for the sake of my children. I read through the website, prayed a lot, and asked my husband if he would allow us to totally change right in the middle of the year... a sort of experiment. He said to go ahead, and things went really well. I was so encouraged by the many positive changes I saw in the children.

The kids enjoy school now. They are learning so much. The older children are responsible for own checklists and they are happy doing it! One of them told me a couple weeks ago that this is his favorite way we've schooled.

This site has held my hand as I have learned to implement Charlotte Mason's philosophy in our schooling, and in our lives. I am gratefully indebted to Linda and CM Help... it has truly made all the difference for us."



"Your site has been such a blessing to my family!!

We are a family of nine. We've been homeschooling from the beginning, but not with Charlotte Mason's approach.I had wanted to try her approach to education for some time. Last year we had the go ahead to do so. I remember reading many times that Charlotte Mason is more than a book list, but a philosophy and way of life. I had so much to learn.Our first year was a big flop. It all seemed so overwhelming. How does one do CM with 7 children? I was determined not to give up. This school year (2011-12) I decided to be more informed and orderly. I prayed for guidance. Three days later that guidance came in the form of CM Help. I wholeheartedly believed that CM's educational philosophy was what my family needed, I was just lost as to how that looked in the everyday. I not only read all of CM Help, I also read the past posts of Higher In and Further Up blog. A complete treasure trove. I took notes. I prayed some more. We are now in the second term of our second year of CM, and I am loving it! I have implemented so many ideas from the CM Help site. It has made all the difference in how our days run."

Kerri from NC


"Discovering the charlottemasonhelp website and curriculum plans was THE light bulb moment that showed me how to implement all of the different subjects into our schedule in one week. For the first time, I saw that all I had been striving toward was doable! The site is so well organized and the articles written clearly and concisely. The "how I did it" perspective is invaluable. It is truly the most user friendly and useful CM website that I have come across. Lindafay was also gracious enough to reply to my questions and concerns about specific hows and whys. After wringing every lovely bit of information available from the site, I began printing schedules and book lists, compiled a notebook of my materials and started! That first fledgling year was the most enjoyable of our then eight years of homeschooling. This is THE curriculum plan that paved the way for our family's journey into homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way."

Rachel S


"This is our 5th year homeschooling, and I think I started adopting your ideas halfway through our first year, especially with your history plans.

Your blog posts encouraged me to understand the "why" and "how" of a CM education, such as how to do dictation and copywork, how to read the history chapter and make a timeline card, why we learn math. My favorite blog post is the encouragement to let go of a complex lesson plan, and let the books teach the student.

I also appreciate the well-thought out book choices, and the inclusion of more modern titles in addition to classics.

My educational goal for my children is for them to read at a high level, so that they can think for themselves, not needing to be told what something means. My 5th grader is reading Howard Pyle's "King Arthur." His attention span for complex writing is better than mine. My 3rd grader is reading Lamb's "Tales from Shakespeare" ... on her own and for fun.

Spiritually, I've taken to heart the advice to not preach at my kids and let my words be few, especially when it comes to reading the Bible. Our Bible instruction is simply reading the next chapter straight from the Bible. We are into our second time through (though I did skip most of the prophetical books). Sometimes I ask for a narration of the chapter, but usually we just talk about our favorite new idea or fact learned. In five years, my children have never balked at Bible time. I try to keep my words fewer than theirs. We have done some Bible passage memory, but not as often or consistently as I'd like.

I have four children, and my two littles are only 1-1/2 and 5. With this home education, I am able to give my kids rich books and not feel burdened to create elaborate lessons. Their narrations connect lessons to other lessons in their own minds, showing me that it works.

Thanks Lindafay for presenting CM to current homeschoolers!"



"I began using Charlotte Mason's methods almost as soon as I began homeschooling in 2001, eleven years ago.  I had read, “Charlotte Mason Companion,“ and knew instantly that I had met a kindred spirit (a ‘bosom friend’) in Miss Mason.  I had an awful time creating a schedule or a method for my two older children, so I ended up piecing together curriculums but was never really satisfied. 

The summer before we were to begin Year 6 for my daughter and Year 3 for my son, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Since September through January was to be filled with chemo and radiation, I decided that our current curriculum would be too much, and we muddled through the year in a rather aimless fashion.  I stuck with math, great books and other basics.

I was stressed out, tired out and asking the Lord for direction.  I stumbled across a reference online to HUFI and Linda Fay, so I tracked down the Higher up and Further In website and it was like a balm for my soul.  I began reading all of the articles on file.  I came across one which described Godliness in the home, and I cried, because it was like Linda knew the Lord like I knew the Lord.  I had found another kindred spirit, and I told my husband, “If she lived near to me, we’d probably be good friends.”   

I devoured each and every article.  I firmly believe that this material should be available in a book form so that other Charlotte Mason wannabees can benefit from Linda’s wisdom and graceful approach in instruction. I would be the first in line to purchase a book written by Linda Fay.  Linda is a gifted writer who makes every bit of a Charlotte Mason’s methods seem attainable and doable.  I never once felt talked down to or felt weak for needing help.  I finally was able to see how I could organize the readings for the term, and then I was able to create weekly checklists for both children.

The book choices are amazing.  I love it when I hear my kids say, “I love this book,” or “I love history.”  My son loves school now, and I know it is because of the wonderful living book selections.  I am finally the organized homeschooling mom that I have always wanted to be, and I have great confidence in the HUFI curriculum."