Does a Charlotte Mason Education intrigue you, but you don't know what it should look like in your home? Have you read about her ideas and methods, but you're not sure how to apply them? I was in the same quandary several years back and couldn't find very many real life examples from others who had gone before me, so I almost passed up the opportunity of a life time.

I plunged forward anyway, using Miss Mason's works as my chief guide. The results in my own family have been so amazing that I am inspired to share some living examples from our home school. May they encourage those of you who are also on this wonderful journey with your dear children to live a FULL life. I want you to assure you that this can be done and it is not difficult. It is not just for bright children; it is for every child. Any parent can do this — through prayer, trial and error, persistence and God-given passion. I invite you to join us ...

one step at a time,