20th Century Events for Children to Know

Children's History of the 20th Century (DK Millennium) by DK Publishing

(We recommend that you peruse this book with your child each week. Not every article should be read, just what interests you. However, the following events are considered most important. We suggest you highlight these events in the DK 20th century picture book so that you will be sure to discuss them with your child briefly.) 

The Chinese "Boxers" Rebel (1900)
The Wright Brothers Fly the First Airplane (1903)
Einstein Proposes the Theory of Relativity (1905)
The Titanic Sinks (1912)
Henry Ford Introduces the Modern Factory (1913)
The United States Builds the Panama Canal (1914)
A Balkan Terrorist Assassinates Austria's Archduke Ferdinand (1914)  CHOW ch84
A German U-boat Sinks the Lusitania (1915)
Lenin leads an "October" Revolution in Russia (1917)
 The Treaty of Versailles Ends the Great War (1919)
 The Nineteenth Amendment Grants Women the Right to Vote (1920) 
Archaeologists Uncover "King Tut's" Tomb (1922) 
Charles A Lindbergh Solos over the Atlantic (1927)
 Penicillin Is Discovered (1928)
 The New York Stock Market Crashes (1929) 
Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany (1933)
 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Launches the New Deal (1933)CHOW ch85 
World War II Begins (1939) CHOW ch86
Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor (1941)CHOW ch87
 The Allies Invade Nazi-held Europe (1944)
British Troops Liberate the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp (1945)
 America Drops Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
 The Dead Sea Scrolls Are Discovered (1947) 
George C Marshall Announces a Postwar Recovery Plan (1947) CHOW ch88
The Nation of Israel Is Carved Out of Palestine (1948)
Russia Blockades Berlin (1948) CHOW ch89
China Becomes a Communist Nation (1949) CHOW ch90 
Billy Graham Becomes America's Most Prominent Christian Leader (1950)
The United States Goes to War with Korea (1950)
 The U S Supreme Court Strikes Down Racial Segregation (1954) 
Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat on a Montgomery Alabama Bus (1955)
The U S Government Approves a Vaccine for Polio (1955)CHOW ch91 
The Cuban Missile Crisis Unfolds (1962) 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Is Assassinated (1963)
 The U S Congress Passes the Civil Rights Act (1964) 
The U S Congress Passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (1964) 
Israel Fights a Six-Day War Against Egypt and Its Arab Allies (1967)
 Martin Luther King Jr Is Assassinated (1968) 
Americans Walk on the Moon (1969)
 Richard Nixon Resigns as President of the United States (1974)
 Personal Computers Are Invented (1975) 
Saigon Falls (1975)
 Solidarity Strikes the Gdansk Shipyards (1980)
 China Suppresses the Pro-democracy Movement (1989) 
The Berlin Wall Comes Down (1989) 
A U N Coalition Goes to War with Iraq (1991)

CHOW- Child's History of the World