Just Another Day in Paradise

As I stood in the entrance of my kitchen, my husband passed me with a huge wooden sword in his belt loop. Behind him walked my eldest teenage daughter with a plastic sword and an old skirt around her shoulders. Next, followed my middle daughter with a bow and arrows, another ‘skirt cape’ and braided hair in a style strangely familiar. Lastly, came my two youngest trailing behind with glow in the dark ‘force’ swords, ‘towel capes’, sticks and backpacks.

As they walked toward my front door I called after them, “What on earth are you doing and where are you going?”

“It’s not earth, Mother. It is Middle Earth,” replied middle daughter, gravely. “We are The Fellowship, and we are going to our secret meadow to act out the stabbing of Frodo. Do you want to come?”

“No, thanks,” mouth gaping open…