Year 4 Term 3 Examinations

Turn in your Bible Journal

Living World Encyclopedia
What is a rain forest? Describe the canopy and what kind of life lives in it. Describe the rain forest floor and what can be found in it as well.

It Couldn't Just Happen
Answer TWO of the following questions:
Name some prophecies about Jesus that have come true.
Tell about some amazing things in the human body.
Who was Piltdown man?

Along Came Galileo
Who were Galileo's enemies? Why?
What did Copernicus have to do with the argument?
What did Galileo say about the Bible and Heaven?

Turn in your Nature Journal. You should have drawn and colored at least 6 birds that you have observed this term. Describe some of their habits that you have noticed.

An Island Story
Answer TWO of the following questions:
Tell about the Battle of Bannockburn
What do you know about the War of the Roses?
Who was Warwick? What can you tell me about him?

Story of the World Vol 4
Choose ONE person from below. Write a short biography about the man.
Chairman Mao
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ronald Reagan

Write a paragraph explaining why and how Communism crumbled.

Choose ONE of the following wars. Tell what you know about it. (Think 5W's-Who, what, where, when and why)
The Korean War
The Vietnam War
The war between Iran and Iraq
The Gulf War

DK Children’s History of 20th Century
Turn in your 20th Century chart

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
What is a hero? Was Robin Hood a hero? Why or why not?

Age of Fable
Pretend you are telling a bedtime story to some children. Record your voice as you tell aloud an exciting story from Age of Fable that you read this term.

You are a playwright like Shakespeare. Write a short scene from As You Like It. Make sure the characters names and the setting are listed at the beginning of your page.

You will be given a timed multiplication test by mom.

Turn in your Math notebook.

Plutarch’s Lives
What do you know about Crassus? Tell about his strengths and weaknesses.

Tell about the life of Richard Wagner. Tell about one of his works.

Name the two artists we studied this term and list their works that you can remember. Choose your favorite and describe it in detail or draw a sketch of it. How does it make you feel?

Draw 50 People
Draw a person from memory that you have previously drawn from your drawing book.

Recite a poem from this term’s poet, a psalm, and a scripture passage.

English from the Roots Up
Name the roots you can remember that you learned this term and say their definitions. Also, share the words that you learned that have these roots in them. State each definition if you did not know it previously.

Choose one song from your keyboard book to play for mom.

Sing one folksong and one hymn you learned this term.

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