Year 3 Term 2 Examinations

(for my 9 year old dd)

One Year Bible
Tell two stories that are new to you from your Bible readings this term.

Story of Inventions
Tell me about Elias Howe and the Invention of the Sewing Machine OR
Draw in detail an invention that you read about this term. Label its parts and write the Inventor's name beside it.

Parables from Nature
Tell two of the stories below and also what they mean.
The Law of the Wood (Spruce Firs)
Daily Bread (Robin)
Not Lost but Gone Before (Dragonfly)

Considering God's Creation
Draw the constellations you can remember and label them.
Draw the solar system and label it.

Turn in your nature journal. Name and describe at least three new wildflowers you have identified this spring.

Child’s History of the World
Why did the American Revolution happen? How was it different from the French Revolution?

Tell what you know about Simon Bolivar of Latin (South) America.

This Country of Ours
Tell about the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac.

Choose three presidents from the list below and tell briefly about one event that happened during each of their presidencies.
Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor

Minn on the Mississippi
What have you learned about snapping turtles? Tell where the Mississippi River begins and ends. What states does it pass through or border?

"Wanted Dead or Alive" The True Story of Harriet Tubman
Tell about the life of Harriet Tubman.

Carry On, Mr Bowditch
Who was Nathaniel Bowditch and why was he a hero?

Tales from Shakespeare
Tell the story of Macbeth, King Lear or All's Well that Ends Well.

The Heroes
Who were the Argonauts? Write about one of their adventures.

Draw a scene from Justin Morgan had a Horse
OR Water Babies.

A Little Princess
Why do you think Sara Crewe was a princess?

Recite a poem, your Turkish scripture passages, a Psalm and your other Bible passage.

Sing a song in Turkish.
Describe in Turkish the picture I will show you.

Play a song that you learned this term on the keyboard twice.

Turn in your notebook.
Take a timed multiplication test Mom will give you.

What can you tell about Giuseppe Verdi?
Name one of his compositions and describe how it makes you feel.

Describe two works in detail from Giotto and tell me when he lived.

Sing 2 folk songs and 2 hymns you learned this term.

one step at a time...