Why a Charlotte Mason Education?

I am persuaded that I am most happy when I recognize and savor the magnificence of God in every sphere of life, and I mean EVERY sphere of life; and when I am finding my happiness in God, then I am glorifying Him. This is why I breathe -- and this is why I have chosen to teach my children in the way that I do. If my children grow up to know the glory and wisdom of God, but take no delight in Him, then I will have failed in my mission, for they have not learned to glorify Him; they have not learned the meaning of their existence.

This is why NATURE STUDY is so important to us. My children learn to enjoy His handiwork and say with joyful hearts, " God, you do all things well!" We do not spend much time analyzing it until we have first learned to enjoy his glory in creation.

This is why we study great works of ART and listen to glorious MUSIC. In our observation and in our dancing and in our creating, we can say, "Lord, Maker of color and music, you are so beautiful!"

This is why we read LITERATURE filled with tales of the heroic. Those men and women who are shadows of Christ, in small ways mirror the greatest Hero of all time. They inspire us to be like Him, the One who embodies all skill, talent, brilliance and goodness!

This is why we focus on HISTORY. We reject the modern day myth that the old is inferior for we know that truth is timeless and we choose to learn from the wisdom of the ages.

This is why we read and write POETRY. Truth and imagination wedded together stirs the soul to greatness, and to praise the Creator. So, we think hard and we frame it with rhyme and metaphor.

This is why we WRITE only what is worthy. We find pleasure in pointing out the supremacy of God. We hope that our words awaken others to the joys to be had by reveling in His glory in every sphere of life.