Mothers and Daughters at Home

Mothers and Daughters at Home by Charlotte Lyons

I like this book! And so do my daughters. The author shares with us various handicrafts that she has done with her own daughters throughout the years. This hardcover is lavishly illustrated with detailed instructions. The table of contents has the projects categorized by the amount of time needed to finish - an hour, half a day, all day, weekend or ‘as long as it takes.’ It includes a variety of mediums and ideas - decoupage, ceramic paint, rug hook, patchwork, embroidery, paper mache and many more.

There are 37 projects to choose from. We especially enjoyed making a memory jar with cement and tiny knickknacks from the children’s toybox. Each item brings a memory to mind- tiny barrettes, monopoly pieces, buttons from a favorite dress and beads from a baby necklace. The possibilities are endless (The jar can also be made into a bedside table lamp.). If you are looking for some beautiful handicraft ideas especially for young ladies, I highly recommend this book.

My grade for this book:

Grading Scale

A = You MUST have this book in your library!

B= This is a very good book. Would be a nice addition to your library.

C= A straw in the haystack, but certainly NOT the needle.

D= Good fire starter.