Help! My Child Doesn't Like to Narrate

Occasionally, you may have a child who doesn't seem to enjoy oral narration. I have noticed that my children enjoyed narrating the most when they had siblings narrating beside them. They liked to take turns and play narrating games together. If your child must narrate alone here are some ideas that may make it more enjoyable:

Take turns narrating with her. You could even use the red and blue bead game with her. One bead for you and one for her. Kids love to correct the parent.

Keep the narration passages short. Don't make her narrate a whole chapter, but just a particular event. Remember, you want your child to feel successful, not frustrated.

Don't make her narrate orally too often-Two or three times a day is plenty. Every single book doesn't need an oral narration. Choose the most important books or passages you want your children to remember. (History and Science are the most important in our home. ) Miss Mason did not have her children narrate from every book and passage, but the kids had to be ready to narrate because they never knew when they might be called upon to narrate.

Help her get started by reading the first line from the passage to jog her memory. Write some proper nouns on the board and any difficult/new vocabulary.

Use the narration jar so she has a variety of narration choices.

Don't interrupt her and if you must critique her at the end, make sure you give her just as much and more positive input.

Remember to keep it short, light and enjoyable.

If she still balks, smile and tell her to narrate. : )

one step at a time...