Family Fun Night: Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae

Sometimes we visit SONIC for our weekly Family Fun Night and order desserts for all. One time, DH and I decided to add a little twist to it but kept our plans a secret until right after supper. While the kids were half-heartedly cleaning up the kitchen (cleaning does get old, even for kids, doesn't it?) Dh announced that we were leaving the house in 15 minutes. When asked where we were going, he replied, "You will find out later." This added a mysterious air to the room and everyone got excited about cleaning up quickly.

When we arrived at the local grocery store, we told the kids that tonight they were going to shop together for all the ingredients needed to build their own Ice Cream Sundaes. They had to stay together the entire time, cooperate and agree on the ingredients. They could buy anything they wanted for the Sundaes as long as they stayed withing a given amount of money. We would be waiting at the other end of the store for them.

The kids had so much fun doing this activity together. They also enjoyed being in charge. On the way home, DH cranked up the music and everyone sang as loud as they could . We acted ridiculous and made a memory that may last a lifetime.

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