About Us

Lindafay is a former public school teacher who has spent the last fifteen years homeschooling her four children whose ages range from ten to twenty.

Lindafay has a passion for encouraging other parents to homeschool.  She maintains that homeschooling can and should be a journey of joy-filled days both for parents and their children and she has dedicated her life to sharing ways to accomplish this by thinking outside of the cultural norms. Her goal is to raise children who are passionately in love with God and who are able to relate the gospel of the Kingdom to the many, rather than the few. 



She and her daughters share an enthusiasm for Charlotte Mason's educational ideas and together write about their experiences and insights into the methods behind the philosophy.

After living for twelve years in the Middle East, the Johnsons currently reside in Northeast Texas and are learning the ins and outs of gardening, taking care of cows, goats, chickens and avoiding copperheads. You can find more of Lindafay's writings in Home Educating Family Magazine. Bryana writes for the Washington Times Communities, The Hide Tide Journal and Having Decided to Stay. Her first collection of poetry was published in 2012. Shannon also writes about literature and philosophy at The High Tide Journal and God in the Bush and is author of the fantasy novel, Keeper of Nimrah. Abigail is 15 years old and is just as enthusiastic about writing and literature. Her favorite subject is military history. Ten-year-old Micah spends his days learning about God, humankind and the amazing world around him. His curiosity is insatiable.